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Born in Venice, in 1988. Since childhood, Mattia has always been fond of drawing and figurative arts and has proactively attended drawing and painting courses.

Such passion led him to take on his academic career at the Public School of Art of Venice. A school rooted in the old artistic traditions of this fascinating city, and which touches a wide range of creative subjects, such as painting, sculpture, mosaic and graphic design. During his studies, he had the chance to attend and win several contests organised by the school.

After getting his high-school diploma in pictorial decoration, he started creating sound basis to turn his passion into a profession. That's why he moved to Milan to continue his studies at IED (European Institute of Design), where he got a grant from the triennial visual communication course: a creative workshop where all the tools, language expressions, techniques and technologies involved in visual communication were presented to students. He specialised in illustration, and today he is part of the graphic designers' team at UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON and works as a freelancer as well.

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